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give me a good one

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Where to find translations and subs
For Vietnamese Arashi's fans

17-year-old fangirl, from Vietnam, know Vietnamese (of course), English, Chinese and Japanese. Totally love Arashi and adore Matsumoto Jun albeit the DoS but super M of this super dorky group. Always ship Sakumoto albeit Bambi/Niji-pair ♥.

This LJ was formerly created in order to gain access to all Arashi's stuffs. As time passed by, it has become the place for me to post by translations, subs and rants. I have attempted to make it an artist look but it seems like I've failed miserably.

Now all the English translations and subs have been moved to my community, our-landscape. The remain translations are in Vietnamese. I usually blog in English but sometimes, in Vietnamese, too which makes this a boring billingual blog.

I want to make friends, want to talk about Arashi, Matsumoto Jun, Sakumoto or anything if you want to talk to me at all. Hope to talk to you ♥. See ya!


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